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Some call me a modern day MacGyver!
When at the age of eight my parents recognized that I was exceptionally good at problem solving, they gave me a broken printer to fix. Unfortunately, I was more interested in getting inside to see how the printer worked, and in my impatience I used a hammer to open it! (Don’t worry…I no longer use hammers to “fix” electronics!)

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, I pride myself in being self-taught. My education has been in the real world where I have grown up eating, breathing and sleeping technology. My initial experience was in helping my three younger brothers and my friends with their electronics and then increased as my parents co-workers and friends from church began to call me. Professionally I have now been fixing computers and other electronics for over four years. Besides working independently with my own technology company, I am also currently employed as an independent contractor with a mobile TV repair company as well as a mobile computer repair company. Rarely do I encounter an issue that I cannot fix!

Because I am also a student and studying for my engineering degree at San Diego State University, my schedule is flexible, and I am able to help clients even after normal business hours. I enjoy what I do and strive to make every client a happy one! I look forward to adding YOU to my list of satisfied clients!
Cell: (619) 734-8396
Office: (619) 333-0234
Tech Attention
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Evan Stensvad- IT Consultant